Vote for the Next Monument of Gravel

VeloNews Monuments of Gravel Vote

Which of the dozens of gravel events deserve the title “Monument”?

We reached out to the gravel cycling community to decide. After talking with elite riders and race winners, the criteria became clear: The Monuments of Gravel are those races which are the most prestigious to win.

So we asked the riders, tallied the votes, and created a spreadsheet to chart the results. One race was a unanimous qualifier; one more received overwhelming votes, even if riders debated whether it was actually a gravel event. Two more races were heavy favorites. Check out our picks for the events we dub the Monuments of Gravel.

As for a fifth Monument of Gravel, we came up against a dead tie between two events.

And thus, we have let you, the reader, decide by a week-long vote. Check out the contenders, Rebecca’s Private Idaho and Crusher in the Tushar.

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for your interest. 

The winner has been announced! See the VeloNews fifth Monument of Gravel.