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Weightlifting form for cyclists: How to properly do hip thrusts

Hip thrusts are a good exercise for building glute and core strength. Here's how to do them.

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The hip thrust movement targets the glutes and also improves knee and spine health. It is a good movement for cyclists that can be done with a barbell, dumbbells or just bodyweight.


A related movement — and a place to start — is by doing a glute bridge, with your shoulders on the ground, your feet hip-width apart, and pushing up at your hips to form a bridge.

How to do a hip thrust

1. Keep your lower scapulas against a bench or couch

2. Keep feet hip-width apart and underneath your knees so that your shins are vertical at full extension

2. Push through your heels and squeeze at the glutes to bring your hips up

3. Keep chin tucked and your eyes fixed on a point in front of you throughout

4. Move mostly from sternum down

5. Don’t hyperextend by raising your hips above your knees