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Weightlifting form for cyclists: How to properly do a hex bar deadlift

Build lower body strength and explosiveness on the bike.

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The hex bar deadlift is similar in impact to the squat in that it builds lower body strength. But the placement of the weight helps lessen the pull on the low back and creates more explosiveness. It is also great for spine mobility and strength.


Six steps for good hex bar deadlifting form

  1. Step into the hex bar and center your feet
  2. Keep your hips lower than your shoulders and keep your back flat
  3. Engage the shoulders and allow the chest and shoulders to be pulled upward
  4. Push through your feet into the ground
  5. Extend the knees and hips up and forward as you continue to drive your feet into the ground
  6. Power up to standing, squeezing the glutes all the way to the top, and keep your pelvis neutral