Learn to make Allen Lim’s famous rice cakes, oatmeal, beet juice, and fried rice

The final installment of "The Feed Zone Cookbook" video series has taken you inside the pages of “The Feed Zone Cookbook and given you some of the delicious recipes from Allen Lim and Chef Biju, as well as instructional videos with the authors themselves, walking you step-by-step through preparing the recipes they cook for the world’s best cyclists. This week, is hosting the final installment of “The Feed Zone Cookbook”with the recipe for the rice cakes whose reputations precede them.

For many, “rice cakes” conjures an image of dry, flavorless wafers with the texture of styrofoam. Trust me, these rice cakes are a delicious snack for your ride unlike the rice cake section of the grocery store has ever seen, and they are quick and easy to make. Once you’ve watched the video, get the recipe for Lim’s rice cakes.

If you haven’t already, check out the other videos, including oatmeal unlike any other that will give you the power for extended racing, and beet juice that will pack your breakfast full of nutrients. Allen Lim’s mother’s own chicken fried rice is a favorite for immediate post-race recovery. The authors will also walk you through how easy preparing a delicious roast chicken can be, a must-know dinner for the endurance athlete.