Fast Talk podcast, ep. 10: Hit race weight the right way

Dr. Philip Goglia describes safe and effective ways to drop weight, how to best fuel your training, and why eating right matters.

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The VeloNews Fast Talk podcast is your source for the best advice and most interesting insight on what it takes to become a better cyclist. Listen in as VeloNews columnist Trevor Connor and editor Caley Fretz discuss a range of topics, including training, physiology, technology, and more.

What is the healthy way to get to race weight? We are joined by Dr. Philip Goglia, a nutritionist to the stars (and Phil Gaimon) to discuss safe and effective ways to drop weight, how to best fuel your training, and why paying close attention to your food matters.

A quick note from Coach Trevor Connor on some of the science discussed in this particular episode:
“Before we start this podcast, we need to add a quick disclaimer. We’re taking on a real hot topic in today’s episode. If you think training science is heavily debated, come spend some time in the nutrition world. Outside of VeloNews, I wear another hat myself as the editor of a nutritional science website. I get to see every day how heavily contested nutrition science can be. I certainly have my biases and I try to keep them out of our podcasts. Which is part of why we invited a guest to cover nutrition.

Caley and I enjoyed having Dr Goglia on our show today. He has done a lot to help many people including elite cyclists. My personal biases aside, I think the practical suggestions he gives would help most if not all of our listeners be healthier stronger athletes.

That being said, we have to be true to who we are and putting on my nutrition hat for a minute, I can’t fully agree with a fair amount of the science used to explain his advice. I think if we asked Dr Goglia, he’d agree with what I’m about to say – he was not trying to give hard science but being more metaphoric to make the advice digestible (no pun intended.)

We’ve given you some hard science podcasts in the past and pride ourselves on trying to give you the best science. For this one, we recommend you focus more on the suggestions and overall approach.”

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