PYSO: The Off-Season

What exactly are pro riders doing in the offseason? Bobby, Gus and special guest Nicola Cranmer weigh in.

Bobby and Gus bring you a special edition of PYSO from Pace Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, with special guest Nicola Cranmer, the founder and GM of the TWENTY20 Women’s Pro Cycling Team.

The trio talk cover a variety of topics including:

  • What riders do during their off-season (spoiler alert: not much according to Bobby)
  • The physical & mental importance of taking time off the bike
  • The cancellation of the Amgen Tour of California & what it means for American cycling
  • Weekly Zwift rides with Team Twenty20 – join them!
  • Ad hoc fall training camps (Bobby despises them), and formal camps in December and January.
  • New kits, new bikes, and new teams

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