Vuelta Independencia

Gringo Diaries: Vuelta Independencia, Etapa 4

It's amazing that the whole Ten Speed Drive team has managed to stay crash-free thus far in the Vuelta Independencia. The body count continued to mount on the course today, as did the trashed equipment tally. I just shredded my second tire — luckily I brought extras. The Metro VW team, out of Dallas, Texas, is out of front wheels, having gone through several tubulars and run out of glue. They've resorted to using neutral wheels for the rest of the race.

Gringo Diaries: Vuelta Independencia, Etapa Dos (A & B)

Josh Liberles continues his report on his team's experience at the Dominican Republic's Vuelta Independencia. Day 2: "We flew into the town of La Ramona, dodging potholes, bunny-hopping speed bumps and swerving around parked vehicles and the occasional moped drivers that decided to briefly zip alongside the race."