Vail hit-and-run

The Explainer: A follow-up to the sleepy investment banker

Regular readers of this column will remember the story Martin J. Erzinger, the Denver-area wealth fund manager who struck – and nearly killed – a cyclist alongside the road in Edwards, Colorado, near Vail in July of last year.

The Explainer: The doctor, the lawyer and the forgiving soul

Q.Dear Explainer, Despite disagreeing on your final conclusion, your coverage of the hit-and-run case in Colorado has been thorough and I appreciate that. The whole mess reminded me that VeloNews has had some other stories over the past couple of years and I was wondering about the status of some of those. Whatever happened to […]

The Explainer: Thoughts on Erzinger and why I won’t boycott Vail

The Explainer reflects on this week's hearing in Colorado in which a court accepted a plea deal for a wealthy defendant and explains why he won't be calling for a boycott of an entire community based on the actions of one public official.

Driver sentenced after controversial plea deal in Vail hit-and-run

EAGLE, Colo. (VN) — Martin Erzinger was sentenced to a year’s probation and a suspended jail term on Thursday after a Colorado judge accepted a controversial plea bargain in the case of a cyclist who was the victim of a hit-and-run last July. Erzinger, a Denver-area wealth manager, originally had been charged with a felony […]