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Technical FAQ: 12-speed gearing options; cassette compatibility; anticoagulants

Have a question for Lennard? PleaseĀ email usĀ to be included in Technical FAQ. Dear Lennard, With my age and market basket of chronic conditions, I have gravitated to longer and longer gearing on my road bike. For now, it’s a Force 1, 42 x 11-36 11-speed. I can get an insignificantly easier gear with a 46 […]

Technical FAQ: Cycling on blood thinners … continued

Editor’s note: These letters are in response to Lennard Zinn’s recent columns focused on the risks of riding while taking blood thinners. Any advice or recommendations included in these reader letters are not endorsed by VeloNews or Pocket Outdoor Media. Please consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns about your health or […]