Heather and JHK's Singlespeeds

Heather Irmiger earned a sweet tattoo last year by winning the Singlespeed World Championships in Durango, Colorado. Here's her bike, as well as her husband's Jeremy Horgan-Kobelsk's rigid rig, that they took to the 2010 SSWC in New Zealand.

Gear & Tech: Trek 2011

SLIDESHOW: Trek pulls back the curtain on 2011 updates to the mountain bike line, including the offerings in the "Gary Fisher Collection."

The Death of the 26-Inch Hardtail?

If the podiums at the recent Mountain Bike Nationals in Granby, Colorado, are any indication, the hardtail 26-incher may soon be going the way of thumbshifters and beartrap pedals. The elite podiums in Granby were dominated by 29ers (both hardtail and full-suspension) and full-suspension 26ers.