Shifting Gears by Neal Karlinsky

Shifting Gears #8: Happy warriors

Neal Karlinsky reflects on the different personalities he's encountered on the race course, and nearly all of them prove to be happy warriors, racing for more than finish placings.

Shifting Gears #6: Thursday night worlds

Neal Karlinsky manages to fit in his favorite weeknight training race in Seattle, when he's not surrounded by a wildfire in Alberta.

Shifting Gears #5: Just hang on

Neal Karlinsky considers the post-race second-guessing that we all suffer after a tough day in the saddle.

Shifting Gears #2: ‘Fight Club’ moments

Neal Karlinsky always seems to run into people who want to talk about "Bike Club," even if you're not really supposed to talk about it.

Shifting Gears #1: Daydreaming base miles

Neal Karlinsky is getting back into racing after a 20-year hiatus, despite a demanding job and family, and he'll be writing all about it.