Monuments of Gravel: SBT GRVL

How can a first-year event become a Monument? In 2019 the SBT GRVL race became one of the most popular in the country by offering cash payouts and striving for gender parity.

Introducing the VeloNews Monuments of Gravel

We went in search of the Monuments of Gravel: the five gravel races that carry the most prestige to win. This week we will be rolling out stories around each race and why our panel of experts voted it onto the list.

Sponsored Content Hope springs eternal at SBT GRVL

Although he tried really hard to do so, Chris Case didn't crack at the gorgeous, demanding, and high-paced inaugural edition of SBT GRVL.

Gallery: SBT GRVL in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Approximately 1,500 riders turned up for the inaugural SBT GRVL race last Sunday in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The event offered up three course options (Black, Blue, and Green), with the heartiest riders opting for the 140-mile Black route that included a leg burning 9,000 feet of climbing. Former WorldTour pro Ted King and rising road racing star Brodie Chapman were fastest on the day in the men’s and women’s fields, each earning a healthy $5,000 prize check. But this first-year event was about much more than the sharp end of the race. Indeed, SBT GRVL demonstrated once again that this whole gravel thing is here to stay. Scroll down to see our expansive photo gallery. All images courtesy SBT GRVL