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Gallery: Cold weather gear at the Old Man Winter Rally

The weather forecast called for heavy snow and cold temperatures for Sunday's Old Man Winter Rally gravel race in Lyons, Colorado. Thus, the participants planned accordingly, and arrived to race with a wide array of bikes, tires, bags, and gear designed to accommodate the cold and snowy conditions. As it turns out, riders only got to use their snowy gear for 15 kilometers before the Colorado Department of Transportation called off the event due to safety hazards. But that wasn't before we snapped some photos of the gear that these riders used to beat the snow, ice, and cold.

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Don’t feel bad for Zach White as he wanders the desert, ’cause he’s out there doing so on two wheels with the Santa Cruz Bicycles crew. Connectivity in the outback is iffy, but ZW managed to file this dispatch from somewhere in Utah. Stay tuned for more…