Ride Review

Ride review: Frogger

Four wheels rolled toward the light at the end of a tunnel half full of mixed metaphors, through air cold enough to inspire urgency but not force discomfort. Patches of restless ice on the ten-foot wide concrete path made it a game, Frogger in reverse: touch the shining frozen water with a slick rubber tire […]

Ride review: Skipping records

The route, the time of day, the cycles of the traffic lights were all so rote that our rider wondered how many more rotations it would take before a groove all his own would appear, a black asphalt recording of his well-rehearsed lines around every dragging corner and up every dragging street, but today the […]

Ride review: Oh, run

There was no difference in the light or sky. Grey, shapeless, angry. Grey. Our rider looked out the window and waited for it to cease. One, two, three four times. Not only was there no relief to the rain but there was no relief in the texture of the rain or sky. Tonal indifference. Maddening […]

Ride review: A path in lights

The sun had just settled below the horizon, and the evening air tasted of winter’s kiss. Just a peck, no tongue. Legwarmers, not tights. Along the river, our southbound rider watched, transfixed, as his northbound counterpart, still 50 meters distant, recoiled, bellowing, arms flailing theatrically at the old headlight’s modest output. Was the pillowy yellow […]

Ride review: Questionable decisions

As a bank of storm clouds massed on the Divide, three intrepid men took a late afternoon gamble and pointed their tires toward a mountain covered, for now, in warm sunshine, a mountain they knew would soon be submerged in grey and begin to howl, as it was and as it did before they were […]

Ride Review: akimbo

Twin coffees and sandwiches full of egg and bacon fortified them before departure into the happy side of a weather inversion, wherein what warmth there was rose up to the trails and the the cold fell down onto the city below. On snow crusted over that crunched like potato chips, six tires, each five inches […]

Ride Review: the faster one

Warm, too warm for December. Like pulling on a t-shirt straight out of the dryer. Bare knees, even. An empty stomach led our rider across the street minutes before go time, to a small shop that shares space with a car dealership. He filled his legs with chocolate chips and cookie dough. Two of them […]

Ride review: The habit

Thirteen years and four states had delivered our rider to this moment, when direct questions regarding his wisdom and sanity no longer filtered in from the crowd assembled in the family room, where the older ones read papers and drank coffee and the younger clustered on the floor in threes and fours around games or […]