phat phat-tire photos

Pixel Perfect Pics

Feelin' that spring sluggishness? Take a look at some reader-submitted inspiration in April's Phat Phat-Tire Photos.

Phat Ph#*ck Up

Due to pilot error, there was some confusion over which picture actually won the February Phat Phat-Tire Photo Contest. Allow us to explain…

And the Winner is… Ron

Out of nearly 500 readers who chose one of the four final Phat Phat-Tire Photos in our online poll, Ron's picture, "The Gorge," tallied 187 votes.

It’s Pixel Pickin’ Time

We went with a few criteria for choosing the top Phat Phat-Tire Photos from December, including straight-up scenic wonder, composition of the photo, "whoa!" factor and the nebulous "a picture with a bike and singletrack in it says a thousand words."