Nittany Lion Cross

Nittany Lion Cross 2012 Day 2 results

1. Christel Ferrier-Bruneau, Béziers 2. Laura Van Gilder, Mellow Mushroom-C3 3. Gabriella Day, Rapha-Focus 4. Arley Kemmerer, C3-Athletes Serving Athletes 5. Joyce Vanderbeken, Wielerteam Decock Sportivo Moorsele 1. Jared Nieters, Seavs-Haymarket 2. Brad White, Moms In Tow Cyclocross 3. Craig Richey 4. Weston Schempf, Seavs/Haymarket 5. Ryan Dewald, Seavs/Haymarket

Nittany Lion ’Cross 2012 Day 1 results

1. Helen Wyman , Kona Factory Team, in 37:31 2. GABRIELLA DAY , Renner Custom Cyclocross Team, at 37:50 3. Christel Ferrier-Bruneau , Bziers Mditerrane Cyclisme, at 38:09 4. Laura Van Gilder , Mellow Mushroom, at 38:40 5. Arley Kemmerer , C3-Athletes Serving Athletes, at 38:58

U.S. Cycling This Week: Elvis, knobby tires and soup pots

BOULDER, Colo. (VN) — Ah, mid-September. The soup pot is nearly ready to replace the grill and the knobby tires the slicks. The second week of the ninth month is the time of year that the roadies and the ‘crossers dance together, one looking forward to vacation, the other to four — yes, four —months […]