The Monuments of Gravel are the five most prestigious gravel races on the calendar, and VeloNews will be covering them inside and out, front to back. Dirty Kanza 200, Belgian Waffle Ride, The Mid South, and SBT GRVL are the first four Monuments. Today, we are asking you to vote on the fifth Monument of Gravel.

The athletes. The gear. The small-town vibes. The mid-pack stories. The tales from the checkpoints. VeloNews will be covering it all this year, in and amongst the fields of the five most prestigious gravel races on the calendar.

Colin Strickland’s Allied Able for The Mid South

Colin Strickland, winner of the 2019 Dirty Kanza, is among the favorites for The Mid South, being held March 14 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He'll be racing this new-graphic Allied Able with matching new Rapha Meteor x Allied kit. More than 2,000 racers signed up for the 100-mile race on the burnt-orange clay roads, but fewer than that will take the start because of the coronavirus. For the design, Strickland provided designers references from the hills around his home in Austin, Texas.