Leah Goldstein

RAAM Updated: Solo racers enter the second half

EL DORADO, Kans. (VN) — All but one of the top ten solo males were beyond the half-way point of the 2011 Race Across America on Monday morning. This second half of RAAM has a distinctly different flavor than the first. For many, the attitude for the first half is one of “charge!” or “full speed ahead,” but by that halfway point (7 miles east of Pratt, Kansas) for some the mantra becomes “survival” or “What was I thinking?”

Race Across America’s 30th anniversary edition gets underway

Time Station 6, Congress, Ariz. (VN) — In August of 1982 four cyclists departed from the pier in Santa Monica, California, in a race to the Empire State Building in New York City, New York. None of them knew that the “Great American Bike Race,” as it was called that first year, would still be going on 30 years later and that it would grow to what it is today.