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Lance Armstrong in the 2003 Tour de France. Photo: Tim De Waele | TDWsport.com (File)

Likely the most controversial figure in modern cycling, Lance Armstrong won seven editions of the Tour de France from 1999-2005 only to be stripped of the titles in 2012 for violating anti-doping rules during his record-breaking run.

Armstrong became a household name throughout the world among avid cyclists and casual fans alike for beating a stage-three case of testicular cancer in the late 1990s and then returning to the sport. Prior to his cancer diagnosis, Armstrong was an accomplished racer. He won world road championships in 1993 in Norway, as well as Clásica San Sebastián in 1995, and La Flèche Wallonne in 1996. Those results stand as the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) stripped him of results after 1998.

After making a comeback in 2009, racing for three more years, he was snared by an extensive USADA investigation, which resulted in a bombshell report known commonly as “The Reasoned Decision.” In January 2013, seven months after the report, Armstrong went on live TV with Oprah Winfrey and admitted to doping.