Kona Major Jake

Kona’s mountain bike heritage explodes from the Major Jake, especially when you dive into the first sand pit on the cyclocross course.

The Singletrack.com Bike Test

Singletrack.com Bike Test: If you — and your bank account — choke on the phrase "quiver of bikes" when it comes to deciding on one or more rigs for cross-country racing and heavy trail ripping, well then, Singletrack.com's first-ever bike review just might be what you're looking for.

Kona One20 Deluxe

The $2,299 Kona One20 Deluxe was a lesson in getting reacquainted with our early riding days, when our bikes were bought off the floor with an eye toward saving as much money as possible.

Kona Hei Hei 100

Is the Hei Hei 100 a four-inch trail bike or an entry-level, full-suspension XC racer? Definitely maybe.