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Technical Q&A with Lennard Zinn – Fixin’ carbon

Dear Lennard,
In your Earth Day column there was a question about a cracked carbon frame. Since it is a save the earth day of posting I thought I would ask about the possibility of repairing a cracked carbon frame (small crack obviously). Since you can buy epoxy and carbon, would it be possible to repair a carbon frame? It would be ugly but would it be rideable?
Scott Dear Scott,

VeloNews’ resident techno guru takes your questions

Dear Lennard, I am considering storing my new full suspension bike using a vertical type rack that stores a single bike hanging vertically from the wheel. I was wondering if that could cause any damage to either suspension, front or rear. Does it make sense to hang the bike from the rear wheel? Nir Dear Nir, Hanging it from the front or rear wheel will not hurt it unless either of your shocks leak oil through the upper seals. In that case, hanging it could still be a good thing, because it will alert you to the problem and motivate you to fix it. Lennard