Exergy Tour

Exergy Tour 2012 Stage 4 results

1. Claudia Häusler, Greenedge-AIS, in 2:04:08 2. Evelyn Stevens, Team Specialized-Lululemon, at s.t. 3. Jasmin Glaesser, Canadian National Team, at 0:00:55 4. Carmen Small, Optum Pro Cycling P/b Kelly Benefit Strategies, at s.t. 5. Megan Guarnier, Team Tibco - To The Top, at s.t.

Exergy Tour 2012 stage 3 results

1. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg, Team Specialized-lululemon, in 2:29:23 2. Leah Kirchmann, Optum Pro Cycling-Kelly Benefit Strategies, at s.t. 3. Megan Guarnier, Team Tibco-To The Top, at s.t. 4. Inga Cilvinaite, Diadora-Pasta Zara, at s.t. 5. Claudia Hausler, Greenedge-AIS, at s.t.