Road to Leadville: Feeling Good

WiensThimnDave Wiens says he's feeling "pretty good" about his fitness for the Leadville Trail 100 on August 14; at least as fit as he has the last few years at this point leading up to the race.

Road to Leadville: The Three Pass Ride

Here's a taste of a Dave Wiens training ride: Hancock Pass summits at just over 12,000 feet and then plunges down through a minefield of rocks. Now just add a few more high-elevation passes.

Dave Wiens: The Road to Leadville

For six-time LT100 winner Dave Wiens, the road to Leadville is a well-trodden route, one he's written on and off about over the last few years in a training diary. Leading up to the August race Dave is once again chronicling his training, which we'll have here on

What Does Dave Do?

With a little assistance from technology and the Ergon blog, Dave Wiens takes questions from fans.