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The Explainer: The doctor, the lawyer and the forgiving soul

Q.Dear Explainer, Despite disagreeing on your final conclusion, your coverage of the hit-and-run case in Colorado has been thorough and I appreciate that. The whole mess reminded me that VeloNews has had some other stories over the past couple of years and I was wondering about the status of some of those. Whatever happened to […]

L.A. road rage doctor gets five years

The California physician, convicted of assaulting a pair of cyclists with his car, was sentenced to five years in prison at the close of a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday morning.

L.A. road rage doctor to be sentenced Friday

The California physician, convicted of assaulting a pair of cyclists with his car, is scheduled to be sentenced in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday morning.

The Explainer: Doctor behaving badly

A reader wonders how prosecutors were able to bring up Dr. Thompson's past behavior and then combine two separate charges in the same trial.

LA Road-Rage doctor convicted on all counts

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury on Monday found Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson guilty of assaulting cyclists by abruptly stopping his car in front of them on a hilly Los Angeles County road last year.

LA road-rage trial closing arguments wrap up

Prosecutors and defense attorneys made closing arguments Thursday in Los Angeles, in the trial of a former emergency room doctor accused of injuring two cyclists when he stopped his car suddenly in front of them. Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson's attorney said it was all an accident. "This was not an attempt to hurt anyone." Deputy District Attorney Mary Stone said Thompson's actions "crossed a line you cannot cross."

LA road-rage defendant says he stopped to try to take a picture

Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson said he never intended to hurt a pair of cyclists who hit the back of his car on the Fourth of July 2008. He told a court Wednesday that he stopped to try to take a picture of the riders after a verbal confrontation, and said he wakes up every night thinking about the incident that led to him being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. “I’m not happy anyone suffered injuries,” Thompson told defense attorney Peter Swarth in Los Angeles Superior Court. He denied telling a police officer that he meant to teach the injured cyclists a lesson.

Dr. Thompson takes the stand in his trial on assault charges.

Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson took the stand in his defense on Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles in his trial on assaulting cyclists in 2008. Thompson answered preliminary questions from his defense attorney, Peter Swarth; Thompson is expected to resume testimony Wednesday, when he is likely to be asked about two or three incidents involving cyclists on his home street, Los Angeles County's Mandeville Canyon Road.