Colby Pearce

Colby Pearce Diary: The road season comes to a close

Editor’s note:: Longtime pros Colby Pearce and Scott Moninger are heading up the new Horizon Organics-Panache Development Team. Pearce will be filing reports throughout the year on the trials and tribulations — and hopefully, successes — of this regional squad of younger riders. This is his fourth entry. Related: Previous entries. The Horizon Organic/ Panache Development team […]

Colby Pearce Breck Epic Diary, Day 6: Last Chance for a Fantasy

I went into stage 6 of the Breck Epic optimistic. Because I had some serious mechanical issues on stage 4, I was completely out of GC contention, which allowed me to chill a bit on stage 5 and save some energy. It made for a nice chance to enjoy the view on Wheeler Pass, but […]

Colby Pearce Breck Epic Diary, Day 5: Goat Path, Engaged

Since I was out of GC after yesterday's adventure into mid-stage bike repair, I took the opportunity to shoot some video footage of the race in action while we were on the pass. You will have to excuse a few mis-spoken words