Chris Carmichael

Leadville Pro Bike – Chris Carmichael’s Trek Top Fuel 9.9

He may not be a pro in the traditional sense of the word. But as one of North America's best known cycling coaches, it's certainly interesting to see what Chris Carmichael will saddle up come race day at the 2011 Leadville 100.

Leadville 100 Preview: Long Haul Racing Tactics

Whether your goal is outright victory, a sub-9-hour time, or simply to finish the race inside the 12-hour cutoff, there are definitive tactics for long-haul racing that can tip the scales of success in your favor.

Got La Ruta in Ya?

Chris Carmichael has the belt buckle from Leadville. Now he's going for La Ruta, and bringing 10 Carmichael Training Systems customers with him in 2010.