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Colby Pearce Breck Epic Diary, Day 6: Last Chance for a Fantasy

I went into stage 6 of the Breck Epic optimistic. Because I had some serious mechanical issues on stage 4, I was completely out of GC contention, which allowed me to chill a bit on stage 5 and save some energy. It made for a nice chance to enjoy the view on Wheeler Pass, but […]

Colby Pearce Breck Epic Diary, Day 5: Goat Path, Engaged

Since I was out of GC after yesterday's adventure into mid-stage bike repair, I took the opportunity to shoot some video footage of the race in action while we were on the pass. You will have to excuse a few mis-spoken words

Colby Pearce Breck Epic Blog: Stuff Food In Mouth

Today was the second stage of the Breck Epic stage race. It was about 40 miles long and included a giant section of the Colorado Trail, which is for mountain bikers what a four-scoop chocolate ice cream Sunday is to my daughter.

Colby Pearce Breck Epic Blog: Attack of the Millimeters – or – Riding at Your Own Pace

This is the third year I have raced the Breck Epic stage race. The last two seasons I have really enjoyed racing here. By "really enjoyed racing here," I mean that I suffered like a beaten dog, and then about a week later when the pain had faded from my memory, I thought about all the pretty singletrack I rode, and decided I wanted to come back next year. It's funny how bike racers don't really remember pain.

Epic Bloggin': In Her Own Words from Breck

A knot of pro men are vying for the lead in the six-day, lung-busting event known as the Breck Epic in Colorado. Read some of the mental wanderings of Sarah Uhl, someone not vying for the lead but busting butt nonetheless at the Epic.

Epic Conditions Hit Riders at Breck Epic

Tuesday's third stage of the Breck Epic somewhere above Breckenridge, Colorado saw a brutal day in the saddle where riders climbed over the Continental Divide twice in 44 miles, gaining over 9,400 feet. And did we mention it was cold...?