Training Center with BCSM: The nuts and bolts of a cycling training diary

Training logs are useful tools to learn from past experiences and maximize your potential as a cyclist. The complexity of your training log will vary based on the technology you use to gauge and guide your training and the amount of analysis you wish to perform for each workout.

Training Center: Advice from BCSM on using supplements for cycling

I have a question about supplements. I'm a Category 4 racer in my local area and do fairly well, most of the time. But as I consider the move up to Cat. 3, I am thinking about supplementation in my diet — things like Optygen or similar have been suggested. Are there supplements out there that are safe, legal, and effective? If so, can you run through a list of these for us readers to help us make sense out of a lot of advertising jargon about things that are supposed to make us go faster?

Training Center: How to choose a winter training camp — or make your own

Have a question for VeloNews Training Center? Send it to TrainingCenter@competitorgroup.com Q.Dear VeloNews Training Center, My friend and I are considering signing up for a winter training camp this year and wanted to ask a couple of questions. First, we are both Category 4 racers and we both ride mountain bikes as well. We are […]