Barry Wicks

Sitting in with Barry Wicks

Wicks still races dirt exclusively. His focus, however, has moved away from fast, multi-lap events to the latest crop of off-road races.

Lessons from the bear

Barry Wicks finds the bear in his backyard isn't reason to panic, but his presence may offer a bit of a lesson.

A Racer's Journal: (Too Much) Tire Talk

wicksTire talk consumes an inordinate amount of conversational time when one engages with an off-road bicycle racer. What is Barry Wicks running right now? The best (even if it's all in his mind)!

Barry Wicks Journal: An addiction to sweet singletrack

After a spring layoff from the writing gig, Kona pro mountain bike and cyclocross racer Barry Wicks is back by popular demand. I have become addicted to club soda. I think I have consumed possibly the entire supply Canada Dry has produced since their inception in 1904. I am at BC Bike race, and I am thirsty. The singletrack is continuous, relentless and ridiculous fun. I stopped dreaming about trails three nights ago and now just hallucinate them during waking moments.

Barry Wicks’ journal

It is the week before the US National Championship of Cyclocross and I am having trouble figuring out a good topic for my biweekly journal. I wish this was because I am so focused and preoccupied with the impending championship event, but in reality my mind wanders as I think of the upcoming off season that directly follows the race.