VeloNews QoM

VeloNews QoM

QoM is an all-new project from VeloNews that will bring women the information they want. Led by Betsy Welch and Emma-Kate Lidbury with help from the entire VeloNews editorial staff, QoM will cover women’s racing and news, women-specific gear and tech, and offer a new community of like-minded riders and readers.

In the coming months, you can expect to see even more women’s cycling content from us in VeloNews magazine, on, in our new QoM newsletter, and on social media.

We understand how important community is when it comes to women’s cycling. Our new QoM Facebook Group offers you a platform on which we hope to build our very own community of female cyclists of all ages and abilities. Our common bond? We’re all women who love to ride bikes and we’re here to share our insights and experiences.

If you have content to share or a question you’d love feedback on then please don’t hesitate to post it hereā€”and spread the word to your female bike-riding friends! As always, please post with kindness and consideration for others.

Here are the next steps:

  • Get the VeloNews QoM newsletter. We’ll send you women’s cycling coverage and women-specific gear reviews about twice a month.
  • Join our Facebook Group for women.
  • Help guide our coverage by completing our survey below.

Happy riding!

Betsy Welch & Emma-Kate Lidbury