Zirbel’s positive and an island getaway

Our readers weigh in on Tom Zirbel's positive and a winter warmup in Hawaii.

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Sauce for the gander?


Sad news about Tom Zirbel’s positive test for DHEA. Yes, it is a black-and-white issue. All dopers should be thrown out. At least that’s what many say.

How about having the testers, the UCI and WADA personnel go through the same tests? No excuses for contaminated supplements. And let’s not forget about the “whereabouts” rules. Will Dick Pound agree to follow the same rules as the athletes?

I hope that Tom’s punishment is fair and fits the crime.

Bob Indig

Redwood City, California

Save me a slice


Thanks for the Hawaiian info (see “Winter training in Maui: A slice of paradise on a budget”) . I now have my goal — Hawaii or bust next winter.

Paul Smith

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania