Wiggo, dark days and the new site

Our readers weigh in on Wiggin's move, the dark days of winter and our new design

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Shuddup and ride (or watch)
Enough of the gnashing of teeth and second-guessing about Bradley Wiggins’ decision to make the jump to Sky.

Look, the guy is a real talent and that talent came to the forefront while he was riding for Garmin. So Garmin and Vaughters and the rest deserve credit, but Wiggins is still the one able to direct his own life and career.

So Sky gets a British rider who has demonstrated an ability to compete with the best and Garmin will continue to rely on the great talents of some seriously good riders, like Christian Vande Velde. Let’s get over it, wait for the Tour and see who really came out the winner in this deal. My money’s on Vande Velde to be the better of the two. Let’s see.

Robert Petrelli
New York, New York

A question of priorities
Dear Velo,
I read Steve Ulin’s letter with a bit of concern today. I just want to remind my fellow Ohioan that this part of the year can do a lot to let us recharge our batteries and focus on what’s most important, namely our friends and family.

Relax Steve. The days are getting longer and we’ll be riding to the point of exhaustion sooner than you can imagine. Meanwhile, have a little fun.

John Wilkins
Columbus, Ohio

This is progress?
Dear Editors,
I love your magazine and I love your site … but let’s put an end to the experimenting. I have been a faithful reader since back when VeloNews was black-and-white and Tour “coverage” was no more than a page or two.

With Live Updates on the web, hefty Tour previews and race reports in print, we’re miles ahead of the old days, but your new website confuses the crap out of me. Maybe it’s just that I need to get used to the thing, but bad links and weird layout have me thinking you see your readers as lab rats. Let’s get it straight before you roll out the new model.

Michael Shaw
Boston, Massachusetts

Likes the change
I just want to send a note that I appreciate your work on the new VeloNews site. I like some of the new features – especially the reader comments at the end of stories and the return of reader-submitted photos.

It looks to me like the project needs a little more work, but keep it up. It’s a good time of year to work on something like this, but I hope you get the kinks worked out when it gets really busy in a month or two.

Sarah Small
Rochester, New York