Werner, White, West to lineup for Rockland County CX

This weekend sees the return of the Rockland County Supercross Cup in Suffern, N.Y., with a host of top names making appearances.

The Supercross Cup in Suffern will see a whole host of stars on the start line this weekend, November 16 and 17.

Kerry Werner (Kona), Curtis White, and Stephen Hyde (both Cannondale) are the current top-three men in U.S. cyclocross and are scheduled to start. In the women’s, Ruby West (Pivot/Maxxis) is expected to be battling her teammate Courtenay McFadden for the win.

The Supercross Cup is the middle leg of the Vittoria Northeast cyclocross series. The event has races for everybody, whether kids or elites. The racing is topped off by three UCI races per day—with pro women and pro men headlining the feature events both afternoons.

The spectator-friendly venue makes it easy for almost the entire race to be seen from a single vantage point. With food trucks and drinks available, it makes for a great autumn day out.

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