Week in Tech: Roval’s extensive warranty, 3T’s affordable Exploros, Specialized’s climate strike

Roval goes big with its warranty program, and extends it to secondhand owners; 3T's Exploro gets a friendlier price point.

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Roval’s warranty program extends to secondhand owners

Photo: Specialized

Roval offers a lifetime warranty on its wheels for folks who buy the hoops brand new. That’s a great start. But Roval has taken its warranty program to the next level by offering a 2-year warranty to secondhand owners. That’s just about unheard of. To top it off, Roval is also offering a 2-year, no-fault crash replacement. Yes, that means a no-cost pair of replacement wheels will show up at your doorstep if you crash your wheels within that timeframe. The generous warranty program helps Roval establish itself as an independent brand (it is currently associated with, and comes stock on, Specialized Bicycles) and compete with other brands that may have better name recognition in the aftermarket crowd.


Donnelly banks on tubeless with PDX WC tire

Donnelly PDX WC
Photo: Donnelly

Tubeless tire have officially entered the race fray on the road side. Is it high time for cyclocross racers to do the same? Donnelly thinks so. The company has released a tubeless version of its wildly popular tubular tire, the PDX. The tubeless clincher features the same tread pattern as the venerable PDX,  and adds a snazzy skinwall. The PDX WC tire differs from the previous PDX clincher version, which was also tubeless-ready. But it measured wider than the UCI width limits, so few pros actually used it. The PDX WC measures within the UCI’s limits, and it has been updated with current tubeless technology (Donnelly wasn’t specific as to what has been updated) for better reliability, particularly at low pressures. It’s available in 700×33 for $80, and a black sidewall version will be launched soon.


3T’s Exploro gets friendlier pricepoints

3T Exploro
Photo: 3T

The Exploro’s design places it squarely in the gravel race category. Its geometry mimics an aggressive road riding position, and the frame itself features aero tubes to take advantage of every last bit of speed. All that engineering has come with a hefty price tag, until now. 3T now offers more affordable build options, like the Exploro PRO Rival that costs $3,600. It’s not exactly a cheap bike, but it’s certainly more attainable than the Exploro LTD Red eTap AXS model that retails for nearly $10,000. The Exploro PRO GRX build features Shimano’s new drop-bar dirt drivetrain for just $200 more than the Rival build. It’s a 1×12 mechanical build with an 11-42 cassette, along with Fulcrum 7 DB wheels.


Specialized is taking the day off Friday — for climate change

Photo: Specialized

“Our house is on fire — let’s act like it.” Specialized is taking those words to heart today by closing its website and global headquarters to join in with youth activists leading a global climate strike. The events take place between September 20 and 27th, with a goal to demand an end to the era of fossil fuel consumption, and climate justice for all. Events are planned all throughout the world, and it’s easy to get involved yourself by visiting the Global Climate Strike website.