VN Show: Fabian sings! Bill Walton gets his giant bike back

On this week's VeloNews Show, we say goodbye to Fabian Cancellara and remember his best moments. Plus, NBA legend Bill Walton lost his bike en route to Hawaii. Don't worry, he got it back.

This week we finally bid adieu to Fabian Cancellara at his fun-filled Ciao! Fabian goodbye party in Belgium. The event was like a discoteque karaoke bar, only with much more bicycle racing. The whole Cancellara goodbye prompted us to ponder our favorite Cancellara racing highlights from the past years.

Next, we discuss the UCI’s new plan to reverse its old plan to eliminate two teams from the WorldTour for 2017. It’s confusing, it’s frustrating, and we’re just about sick of this ridiculous story.

Finally, we drop in on NBA legend and avid cyclist Bill Walton, who lost his bicycle while en route to Hawaii. Good news: there’s a happy ending. All that and more on this week’s VeloNews Show!