VN Podcast: Why Austin’s Driveway Series returned to racing

We interview Andrew Willis, founder of Austin's Driveway Series, about his decision to return to racing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bicycle racing is slowly returning amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Austin’s Driveway Series criterium events have been some of the first to come back. The Driveway held its first race since the shutdown on June 18, and then held another one on June 25.

Why has the series returned, and what safety protocols is it following? On this week’s episode we link up with series founder Andrew Willis to discuss the Driveway’s return to racing. As it turns out, Willis’ decision to come back isn’t as straightforward as you may assume.

Before we hear from Willis, Andrew Hood and James Startt come on the podcast to discuss pro cycling’s sprint to the Tour de France, which is less than two months away. Teams are finalizing rosters and organizing pre-race training camps. The race has yet to publicize its health precautions, which has left riders and journalists playing the guessing game.

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