VN Podcast: The UCI’s bold and bizarre 2020 racing schedule

On this week's podcast we discuss the UCI's tentative plan to bring racing back in the summer and fall.


The UCI has released a plan to bring pro racing back in August with a 2020 competition calendar that squeezes all of the major races into three months. There are more than a few overlapping race dates.

On this week’s episode of The VeloNews Podcast we discuss and analyze this new calendar and the ramifications it has on pro teams and events. What do we make of the overlapping dates and the compressed season? What pressures will this calendar put on pro teams and riders? And, most importantly, do we believe these races will actually take place amid the coronavirus pandemic?

Then, we examine the Giro d’Italia, which would have been starting this coming weekend prior to the coronavirus shutdown. The new schedule places the Giro in competition with the major one-day classics, as well as the opening week of the Vuelta. What does this tell us about the Giro’s overall importance within the global cycling community?

Riders love the Giro, and frequently tell us that it is their favorite race. We dig into why the Giro scores top marks with the riders, and what cultural impact the Giro has on the global cycling fanbase.

All that and more on this week’s episode.

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