VN Podcast: Should media be at the 2020 TDF? The founder of Everesting

On this week's episode we examine simmering plans for the Tour de France, including the prospect of limited media at the race. Then, we speak to Andy van Bergen, the founder of Everesting.

On this week’s episode of The VeloNews Podcast our examination of the Everesting phenomenon continues. We speak with Andy van Bergen, the Australian cyclist who founded the Everesting challenge back in 2014 and who now oversees the website that chronicles Everesting attempts across the globe.

Van Bergen has seen the number of Everesting attempts skyrocket in recent weeks, and also a number of to pro riders have attempted to break the record. We discuss why the latest attempt by German rider Emanuel Buchmann was deemed not a record, and why the rules governing Everesting are so stringent.

Before hearing from van Bergen, we link up with Andrew Hood and James Startt to discuss cycling’s march toward the Tour de France. Pro teams are now creating specific plans for Tour de France prep, including grouping riders and staff together as they prepare for the race.

Also, there is a simmering debate over whether or not media should be allowed at this year’s Tour due to fears over spreading coronavirus. We discuss the pros and cons of media involvement at the race.

All that and more on this week’s episode of The VeloNews Podcast.