VN Podcast: Everesting 101; Marina Zenovich on LANCE

On this week's episode we discuss the recent string of Everesting attempts, and also hear from Marina Zenovich, the producer//director behind ESPN's documentary LANCE.

On this week’s podcast we interview producer/director Marina Zenovich on her new ESPN 30 for 30 documentary LANCE, which chronicles the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong.

Zenovich spent two years producing the film, and she interviewed Armstrong on eight different occasions. Yet the film is one of many films, books, and magazine articles written about Armstrong. Zenovich explains why, after the other media projects were done, she still felt compelled to produce a film on the disgraced champion.

On the second half of the show we talk more about Everesting, which continues to be the buzzword in the U.S. cycling scene. Even more amateur and elite riders are opting to ride 29,000 vertical feet on their bicycles, and we want to know why. Senior Editor Betsy Welch joins the show to discuss the Everesting trend, the various different ways riders are choosing to Everest, and the strategies riders are following to record fastest times.