Vino’, flying with bikes, and no-frills cycling

Our readers chime in on Alexander Vinokourov, the costs of flying with a bike and no-frills cycling.

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Vino’s team, Vino’s rules

If Alberto Contador thought winning the Tour was tough on Astana with Lance Armstrong, wait until he gets a load of Alexander Vinokourov at the Tour. Astana is Vino’s team and he will use it for his purposes. The sponsors don’t seem to be selling anything a cycle racing fan needs. Their pride is national and their desire will be to see their citizen win.

It may have been a war-of-words with Lance. With Vino’ it will just be war, and Vino’ holds the weapons.

Michael Munro
Lansing, Kansas

A business opportunity for UPS

I was shocked to see the price Ian Wright paid for bikes on airline. VeloNews needs to do a story on airlines and bike fares. At those rates I would have to cancel the trip — $1,500 plus for a box is absurd. UPS should set up a counter in the airport.

Paul Smith
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thanks for no-frills tale

A big thanks to Joel Ankeny of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, for his letter, “The no-frills roots of cycling.” I love stories like that, but especially loved the picture. The intensity in the eyes of the cyclists is incredible. Thanks again for sharing, Joel. And I’m right next door in Hummlestown, so if you ever want to go for a ride. …

Tim Wright
Hummelstown, Pennsylvania