VeloNews magazine — November/December 2018

VeloNews brings you inside the sport of bike racing, with exclusive features, analysis, expert training advice, unbiased gear reviews.

The final issue of 2018 features an annual VeloNews tradition: The awards. In our 31st year of recognizing outstanding cycling performances, the debate among staff remains healthy. It wasn’t easy to pick the best riders, the biggest performances, or the most notable new stars of the sport. But we did, and they’re all detailed in the November/December issue of the magazine.

Also in this issue, we recognize the gear of the year. Our tech-savvy editorial staff analyzed cycling’s smartest innovations to bring you the best tech of 2018.

And of course, cycling media would be pretty boring without amazing imagery to capture the action at all of the big events. After scrutinizing thousands of cycling’s most compelling photographs, we present the best pictures of the 2018 season.

Beyond the awards content, this issue also includes the Holiday Gift Guide, which will help you shop for any cyclist on your list.

This issue also includes Lennard Zinn’s “Form and Function” column. So-called hookless rims are rapidly becoming more common. But what holds the tire on? Lennard explains.

Plus, this issue contains the usual departments. In “The Insider” we look at the tumultuous domestic racing scene, which has forced many pro riders to make tough choices.

Fred Dreier interviews Marianne Vos for “Sitting In.” And in “The Clinic,” coach Trevor Connor talks about how strength training can make you a better rider. Lifting weights takes time, can cost money, and often feels like a grind. But science suggests there can be significant gains.

All of that and more in the November/December 2018 issue of VeloNews magazine.

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