Velo magazine — Travel Guide 2016

Ready to plan your summer vacation? The VeloNews Travel Guide has ample inspiration, tips, and reviews to help you have your best holiday ever.

It’s time to start planning your summer vacation, so what’s it going to be? Another miserable slog through Disney World or a trip to an awesome riding destination with your bike in tow? Our special Travel Guide features ample inspiration, tips, and plans to help you organize a perfect trip to a domestic destination or somewhere farther afield.

But wait, isn’t it expensive and difficult to fly with a bike? Not so fast. The VeloNews guide leads off with six great tips to help your airborne travel go smoothly, plus ideas to help you use Strava to find great places to ride once you get there.

Now that you know you can do it, we take you through the myriad options. John Bradley talks to Joao Correira, who runs InGamba tours, a company that specializes in long, hard days in the saddle throughout Europe, followed by delicious food and wine. Or, if you’re looking for a similar experience on home turf, consider the Cognoscenti tour company, which is again partnering with VeloNews for a special trip in August.

If you’d rather just explore a foreign, bike-friendly city on your own, check out Girona, Spain. Caley Fretz writes about La Fabrica, one of the city’s best coffee shops, as well as the great riding and famous pro cyclists found in and around Girona.

Unlike Spain, Norway might not strike you as a must-ride cycling destination, but in traveling to the Arctic Tour of Norway last summer, Dane Cash discovered that it’s a hidden gem. The Travel Guide also features profiles of 15 great destinations — some centered on events, others guided tours — that will spark your imagination. Plus, we check in with the peloton’s top pros to see how they spend their vacations.

To round it all out, our tech team reviews 19 different products that will make travel easier and more comfortable, from bike bags to socks.