UCI news: A woman on every commission; two commissions suspended

UCI President Brian Cookson is "delighted" by new mandate

There will be a woman on each of the UCI’s commissions as part of recently elected President Brian Cookson’s plan, it was announced on Monday.

The move goes in line with Cookson’s pledge to increase awareness of and further develop women’s cycling across the globe.

“I am delighted by this announcement, which helps reinforce the presence of women in cycling,” Cookson said in a press release. “It was one of the priorities of my mandate along with the international development of cycling and the reform of the governance of the UCI. Today we continue working to ensure our pledges are met.”

The UCI also announced the makeup of 18 of its commissions. The Cycling for All Commission has been separated into two bodies: the Mass Participation Events and Advocacy/Cyclist’s Rights Commissions.

Those two commissions will be finalized at the next Management Committee meeting during the February cyclocross worlds in Hoogerheide, Netherlands.

The Athletes Commission will be reviewed in February, while the Commissaires’ and Equipment Commissions have been suspended and are scheduled to be reviewed in Hoogerheide.