The Pro’s Closet sponsors elite women’s Zwift team

10 international racers join new team as part of eRacing's growing push for equal opportunity for women in cycling.

The Pro’s Closet adds a women’s roster to their Saris + The Pro’s Closet (STPC) elite Zwift virtual racing team. This expansion enables The Pro’s Closet to support eRacing’s growing push for equal opportunity and coverage for women in cycling.

“It’s exciting to see eSports leading the way with parity in cycling. As we see equal coverage and access for women’s teams in the virtual world, it’s becoming apparent that eSports can positively impact racing in the real world,” said STPC team manager Jenn Real.

Real took silver medal in the 2019 Zwift USA national championships, and has made it her major goal with the team to improve women’s cycling where traditional racing has struggled.

Ten international female racers join the STPC team. The roster features a diverse group of women including Christie Tracy, 2019 USAC USA masters national TT champion. Newcomer Shanni Berger, the 19-year-old from the Israeli national team, sees eSports as a stepping stone to a pro career. The team opened their virtual 2020 season with a 2nd place result in the team time trial at the Virtual Tour of the Gila in late May.

The combined men’s and women’s STPC team now totals 22 racers. Many are accomplished in eRacing including Holden Comeau, Zwift national champion and Rally Cycling’s virtual racing coach, and Caroline Murray, currently the 4th ranked female racer on Zwift.

Watch the newest members of STPC team in action at the upcoming Virtual Tour De Boudicca, an all-women’s three-day stage race, July 24-26, 2020.

See the full women’s roster at the STPC website.