Tayler Wiles joins Orica-AIS

American Tayler Wiles will ride for the Australian Orica-AIS team in 2016; she'll be aiming for a spot on the Rio Olympic team.

As the formidable Velocio-SRAM women’s team closes shop at the end of 2015, its top riders have dispersed to find new teams for the coming season, and American Tayler Wiles has landed at Orica-AIS.

“I am really excited about 2016 for so many reasons,” Wiles said. “I’ve always really loved and respected ORICA-AIS’s racing style, being more aggressive and opportunistic.

“They have historically been a team whose tactics are hard to read and who plays to the strengths of each rider on any given day. I’m also just so excited to race with the group of girls that are on the team. They have already been so incredibly welcoming, and I can tell they know how to have fun racing their bikes.”

Wiles, 26, will enter her fourth year as a professional with the Australian outfit. She’s coming off a strong showing in 2015, winning the Tour of New Zealand and Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche.

“I learn so much each season from my teammates, directors and also just from making mistakes and trying to learn from them,” she continued. “I started taking more risks this year and trusting my instincts, and I gained a lot of confidence from that.” In 2016, she’ll be vying for a spot on the U.S. Olympic team, one of the focal points of her season.

“Tayler is really on the up-and-up and is carrying a lot of momentum with her,” ORICA-AIS sport director Gene Bates said. “She was a really big asset to Velocio-SRAM in terms of producing power and especially in the time trial.

“I really think that is what she will bring to us — a huge amount of firepower and we probably haven’t seen exactly what she can do with that yet

“I think once she learns a bit from our more experienced riders, she is going to be a great addition, especially in the time trials and those bigger tours that we’ll do.”