Tanguy, Carey Win NUE Syllamo’s Revenge

NEXT NUE: MOHICAN 100 On June 4, the NUR Series shifts to the Buckeye State in Loudonville, Ohio for the ninth annual Kenda Mohican 100 and 100k races. Another record turnout of 600 or more is expected this year. Visit for more information. The…

On June 4, the NUR Series shifts to the Buckeye State in Loudonville, Ohio for the ninth annual Kenda Mohican 100 and 100k races. Another record turnout of 600 or more is expected this year. Visit for more information.

The results following the second race in the Kenda National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) look a lot like the results after race number 1 two weeks ago, with Christian Tanguy and Amanda Carey the winners.

Mountain View, Arkansas’ Syllamo’s Revenge, with 50k and 125k distances, took place on the Syllamo, (pronounced Sil-lah-moe), mountain bike trail, a series of interconnecting loops offering mountain bikers 50 miles of trail, most of it singletrack. The trail name dates back to the early 1800s and a Creek Indian named Syllamo who hunted in the area.

Although the temperatures were ideal, in the 60s throughout most of the day, racer’s encountered difficulties from the very start due to rains received the day before the race. The native limestone, better known as slick rock, is aptly named and it didn’t take long for racers to understand the implications of riding across rock slabs after hundreds of tires dragged mud and water over them. One rider described the mud-on-limestone as “like riding on Teflon.”

NUE Women’s Open

“Oh my gosh, it was one of the hardest days I’ve ever had on my bike in a really long time,” said NUE Women’s Open Champion and winner of NUE #1, Amanda Carey (Kenda-Felt). “These trails are punishing; there’s no rest. I had two slow leaks, tried twice to fix it then I finally flatted. Then I had drivetrain issues.”

That’s when NUE 2009 Women’s Open Champion Cheryl Sornsen,, passed her. It took Carey almost two hours to chase her down.

“I knew there was a chance I could catch her if I was smart. It would have been easy to make the mistake of trying to catch her all at once and then blow up, so I just tried to ride steady and smooth and a little bit faster than I probably should have but did it and just slowly reeled her in.”

The two rode together for a little bit, about four and half hours in, before Carey made the pass to the finish line. Carey went on for her second straight series win, finishing in 7:35:01.

Sornsen, of Fairfield, Pennsylvania, finished in second at 7:50:29. Sornsen’s next race will be the Mohican 100.

“I had a very conservative start,” she said. “Amanda got ahead of me and I was surprised to see her along the side changing a flat. I… was thinking she would come charging up and she did. She is very powerful and it’s hard to keep up with her. I tried my best and really like this type of riding a lot. Syllamo’s is a good fit for the series.”

Sonya Looney of Boulder, Colorado, who finished third at 8:04:14, described the first part of the race as “like riding on ice.”

NUE Men’s Open

In the Men’s Open division it was Christian Tanguy (, taking the top spot on the podium with a time of 6:10:19 after gaining his first win of the season at The Cohutta 100 two weeks ago.

Tanguy, who lives in Rochester, Michigan, was on the front of the race with three-time NUE champion Jeff Schalk (Trek), Brandon Draugelis ( Racing Team) and Chris Peariso (Adventure 212/Specialized). Soon it was down to Tanguy, Schalk and Draugelis. Then Draugelis flatted and it was Tanguy and Schalk.

“Jeff and I were really well matched at that point,” Tanguy said. “Shortly after that there was this rough section and it was there that he dropped his chain. I realized that this was my opportunity.”

According to Schalk, who  finished second at 6:23:47, “Yeah, I was feeling really good, battling back and forth with Christian, but with about 20 miles to go my chain just snapped and fell completely off the bike. I had to run back to get it, take out a link, and by the time you do that it was probably a five minute gap or something. I really wanted this win, however, this is really a beautiful place to ride and one of the more unique courses in the NUE series.”

Draugelis who hails from rocky Bedford, PA, finishing third in 6:38:22.

NUE Singlespeed Open

Two-time NUE Singlespeed Champion Gerald Pflug, SALSA/PAO BIKES took his second straight NUE Series victory, completing the course in just 7:06:32.

47 year old Robin Oscar of Signal Mountain, TN placed second behind the NUE Champ in 7:37:41 after a tenth place finish at Cohutta. Oscar announced that he would be competing at the Mohican MTB100 on June 4 and perhaps Fool’s Gold 100 and Shenandoah 100 this year.

third place finisher, Boomer Leopold of Memphis, TN who finished just 6 minutes behind Oscar,

NUE Masters 50+

51 year old Todd Henne of Plainview, AR took the masters, finishing 7:52:42. Henne plans to compete at the Mohican 100, Fool’s Gold 100 and Shenandoah 100 this year.

According to Chris Irving of Arlington, TN, who placed second in 8:12:34. Sixth at Cohutta this year and stated that he planned to do a few more NUE Series races, including Mohican.

Barry Vollmer, 57, from the capitol city of Jefferson City, MO, finished third in 9:26:23.