Synergy Baku suspends Pliuschin over Salbutamol test

Alexandr Pliuschin returned a non-negative test result at the Sharjah Tour in Dubai in 2014 while riding for Skydive Dubai

Synergy Baku Cycling Project has sidelined Alexandr Pliuschin following a positive test for Salbutamol that came in November.

Officials announced Wednesday that Pliuschin, 28, will remain suspended until the case is resolved, in keeping with the team’s anti-doping policies.

“The team makes no exception for any rider with an adverse finding. It is our policy and we cannot deviate from it,” said team manager David McQuaid in a press release. “In Alexandr’s case, it happened during an end of season race last year for another team. But the ultimate onus is on the rider himself, and Alex is not disputing that it was his and only his mistake.”

The Moldovan rider returned a non-negative test for Salbutamol at the Sharjah Tour in Dubai, where he won two stages and the overall, while riding for the Skydive Dubai team in November 2014.

Team officials said they’ve notified the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC), which it’s a member of, and the team has been told it will not face any sanctions as Pliuschin was not with the team at the time of the positive test.

“Alex has been suspended from team duties pending due process,” McQuaid said. “We, as a member of the MPCC, are handling the situation within the rule framework as set down by the MPCC and remain continually committed to that.”