Strava data: 115 million rides in 2015

Strava releases a summary of data collected in 2015, which saw millions of rides uploaded and billions of miles ridden.

Strava released its End of Year Insights data report Monday, and the numbers are impressive. Worldwide, the ride-tracking service’s users logged 115,788,472 rides in 2015, accruing a total of 2,591,134,087 miles. And those weren’t all easy miles either — riders climbed 133 billion vertical feet last year, according to Strava.

More data highlights from 2015:

– Globally, Strava athletes uploaded 5.3 activities every second
– Over 26 million rides uploaded in the U.S.
– Average speed for U.S. male cyclist is 14.6 mph, female U.S. cyclist is 12.7 mph ­
– Average cycling commuter distance in U.S. is 10.5 miles
– California was the most active state in the U.S., with 7,172,721 rides logged
– Most popular segment in the U.S. in 2015: Sausalito’s “7-11 Bump,” 15,327 attempts