SRAM AXS Web unifies performance data streams into a single analysis tool

Analyze data from a variety of sensors to make informed decisions about bike setup and ride execution.

While many digital tools for cycling provide useful information and data visualizations of ride metrics — time, distance, speed, elevation, power output, heart rate — they overlook your bike’s performance and how it relates to route and rider.

SRAM’s AXS Web allows you to analyze ride files with data collected from bike and body sensors. You’ll be able to learn more about how your bike is performing on specific routes and surfaces, and view in context of your own performance metrics.

Cyclists with connected devices — heart rate monitor, power meter, shifting, suspension, and tire pressure — can analyze collected data, and make informed decisions about bike setup, and effort expended, for specific routes and riding conditions.

SRAM AXS Web allows the user to view bike and component performance metrics alongside route details, and their power output and heart rate. Photo: Courtesy SRAM

The mobile app requires a SRAM AXS drivetrain, a SRAM AXS Web account a connected a mobile device, and a head unit to collect and relay data from sensors. The AXS Web tool also features a information exchange platform, allowing users to share tips and tricks for optimizing component use, as well as serve as a way for SRAM to actively participate in the product development lifecycle, through direct interaction with users, and the information they share.

“We built this site for riders as a learning tool and to show people how their bike is working for them. The data is easy to understand and is always enlightening; it’s like getting a coach for free,” said Quarq founder and SRAM’s Category Manager for Digital Integration, Jim Meyer.