VN Interviews podcast: Phil Gaimon on dopers, Strava, and retirement

Phil Gaimon is retired from pro racing, but he's busier — and maybe faster — than ever. He sounds off on dopers, Strava, and more.

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Welcome to the VeloNews podcast. If this episode sounds a little different, that’s because it is. We’ve launched a new series that is devoted to interviews with cycling’s most interesting people. From riders to directors to other influential people, this is your place to learn about the sport from the insiders.

Phil Gaimon is retired from pro racing, but he’s busier — and maybe faster — than ever. In this week’s interview, Fred Dreier talks to the former Slipstream rider about how he left the sport sooner than he’d wanted to. They also discuss what to make of ex-dopers who return to racing. And of course, we also get Gaimon’s take on stealing Strava KOMs from the locals. All that and much more!

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